Jenn McNamara
My work explores the interaction between dualities within material and form. My current installation work examines architecture, enclosures, and the relationship between space and viewer. The interaction between light, shadow, and texture within each installation is considered. Research includes looking at contemporary and ancient architecture with an emphasis on aesthetic intent. Strong columnar forms are interpreted from ancient examples as well as contemporary counterparts. Material considerations are interpreted from modern and contemporary sources. Metal wire is often included in the warp and weft along with nylon monofilament to enhance interaction with ambient light. Questions such as the comfort level of an enclosure, scale in relationship to the viewer, and organic versus rigid forms are addressed within the body of work.

Smaller works consider the interactions of individuals on a more intimate basis. How one considers oneself perceived by their peers, how they place themselves in the world; all of these nuances are fascinating when abstracted in an art form, transcending the potential mundane of the everyday.